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Observatory: Exploring The Universe, Expressing its Wonders Get the latest model of the Gemini IRAF package Instructions for people All consumers ought to use Ureka to set up IRAF as well as the IRAF package. Version 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 of Ureka includes Gemini IRAF package v1.13 (along with a modified type of the 32bit edition of IRAF v2.16 with bug-fixes specific to the Gemini IRAF package). If you should be about to employ xgterm we advocate as a collection turmoil situation is in 1.5.2 that you just install 1.5.1. Furthermore, while we do not assume any mac rush problems with Ureka 1.5.2 take note that we have analyzed the package against 1.5.1. NOTICE: it is NOT included in Ureka and the Gemini package’s latest model is v1.13.1. This version is required proper minimizing GMOS- Hamamatsu sensors were obtained with by knowledge. In May 2015 work with the boards that were video was accomplished, and somewhat altered the CCD qualities. This new deal type facilitates each’flavors’ of Hamamatsu.

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We however strongly suggest Gemini to be upgraded to by everybody else. See next area. Installation instructions for Gemini IRAF Ureka users (IRAF 2.16), get and install the report gemini v1131 for iraf 2.16.tar.gz Consumers still using, download and install the report gemini v1131 for iraf 2.14.tar.gz. Please be aware that is probable the last period we disperse an IRAF 2.14 suitable deal. These documents are gzipped tar files that binaries for Redhat and contain the origin rule /CentOS/ systems operating. Total installation recommendations are located while in the gzipped tar document itself and also while in the report gemini readme.txt. Last Modified: April 19, 2016, ggimeno

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